Hi! I’m Daniel.

A Go developer.

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I began learning HTML5, about 6 years ago, with a book which title I do not remember. After reading it and putting its contents into practice several times in a few months, I decided to go deeper into the world of CSS3 and JavaScript.

From JavaScript I gradually approached to Node.js and the until then for me, unknown world of Back-End.

After some time learning and working with Vue.js 2, Express.js and MongoDB I discovered Docker. Technology that in turn led me to discover Go.

And it’s been 2 years since I made that discovery. 2 years that I spent almost entirely learning more and more about Go and Docker.

What I know

The thing is, I know a little bit about everything. But not everything I would like. But let’s get things in order.

As I said before, I know HTML5. I know what the semantic web is and I am aware of its latest news. As it happens to me with CSS3, being up to date with CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid and pending to learn more about Houdini.

As far as JavaScript is concerned, I’m not so up to date. Just like with Node.js or Vue.js. But I try to refresh my memory from time to time

About Docker, after several books and courses that I have consumed, I know everything from the basics (images, containers, networks, volumes) to the most complex (Docker Compose, Docker Stack, Docker Swarm).

I’d like to say I know Go in its totality, but it would be lying. There are some packages that I haven’t touched and I probably won’t ever touch and there are some features of the language that I’m still not able to fully understand. Even so, I don’t consider that I have a bad general level of the language and its tools. Which I’m trying to get my GitHub profile to show.

Speaking of GitHub, I’m also familiar with Git.

Another tool I also have contact with from time to time is Postman.

About me

I never have much to say about myself. I am 24 years old and currently live in Spain, the country where I was born. When I’m not travelling, I’m reading, playing the ukulele or learning something new. But this is obviously on my personal life.

Professionally, I have worked mainly as a web designer and programmer. Sometimes I was just the guy who was in charge of polishing small details and other times I was in charge of developing an internal project for a company. Unfortunately, and despite the fact that I have always tried to make my work as high-quality as possible, I feel that none of these projects represent me or my current capabilities. That’s why at least for my part, you won’t see any sign of those projects around here.

If you want to know more about the way I work or about how I code. Here you have again my GitHub profile and this section dedicated to my most recent projects.


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