Hi! I’m Daniel.

A Self-taught Developer looking for a job as a Junior Go Developer.

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Technical Skills

My first programming language was JavaScript in its ES6 version. After a couple of years I decided to try Node.js. Where I started to play with Vue.js 2 and discovered Docker.

Docker caught my attention from the first moment and I decided to go deeper (about 100 hours of courses, books and tutorials). And it was learing Docker when I decided to learn Go.

In the meantime I’ve learned a bit about MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Postman and API design and a lot about Git.

Right now I’m improving my knowledge on algorithms and mathematics.


Much of my experience comes from my work as a freelance Front-end developer. Work I haven’t done in a while. Not for lack of opportunities, but for personal choice to focus more on Docker, Golang and other aspects of my life such as my education.

When it comes to Docker or Go I don’t have any real experience working with clients or companies. I have received some offers in this respect but due to lack of confidence in myself I have not accepted any of them. Something that has changed since I consider that my knowledge in these two technologies is solid enough to be able to defend myself in a wide range of situations.


Atheneum is by far the biggest personal project I’m working on right now. It still has a long way to go, but in the near future I hope to make this project the best API to organize books and other media products such as movies or comics.

Botio on the other hand, is a quick and easy way to create and maintain your own Telegram bot.

Other smaller projects are Kelsier and Todots, the first is a simple utility to check the status of all links on a web page. The second is a tool to quickly and easily have a copy of all your configuration files.

Kelsier uses Fitchner, which is a Go module with a set of functions for making HTTP requests and extracting information about them.

In the Front-End I have Terrassa and Piercer, two customizable and light themes for Hugo.

About Me

When I’m not programming or learning something new, I’m reading or practicing with the ukulele.

I also try to spend time with my friends and exercise from time to time (although I’m not as consistent on this as I’d like to be).

When I have some more spare time I also try to practice some Italian.


I'll send you an email as fast as I can.