Hello there

If you’re reading this I guess it’s because you’ve asked yourself the same question that I’ve sometimes asked myself at 3 o’clock in the morning: “Who am I?”. And although the answer to such questions is always complicated, I will try to answer as simply as possible.

Who I am now, right now

I’m a 25-year-old boy who has decided that his next job is going to be as a developer. If possible, as a Junior Go Developer. The reason is simply because I love programming in Go.

Who I’ve been and what I’ve done with my life to become who I am today

My family has never had much money, so in my childhood I hardly had contact with a computer beyond what was academically necessary. So until the economic situation improved, I focused on other aspects that I was passionate about at the time: drawing and writing.

Perhaps that’s why for when we could acquire a personal computer, the first thing I did with it was open and play with Paint and the second, install a pirate version of Adobe Photoshop. Eventually, as technology advanced, I moved on to 3D design and animation, discovering Blender along the way. And with Blender, I discovered Python.

My first steps with Python were not very productive, there was always something that didn’t fit me. But I liked the idea of being able to program a computer. So instead of continuing with Python, I tried JavaScript. And everything was so much better. So good that I decided to learn how to develop web pages, learning along with JavaScript a lot of HTML and CSS.

I got to learn some Node.js and Vue.js before meeting Docker. A technology that reminded me that I still had a lot to know about how computers worked, operating systems and how to be a better programmer. So for a while I stopped developing websites and started to learn Docker and, with it, Go.

And after two years, I feel like I did the right thing. Docker is one of my favorite tools and Go is undoubtedly the programming language I’d like to work with from now on.

Just code? How boring

The truth is, there are three things I’m passionate about aside from programming. And they are: reading, playing the ukulele and sleeping.

If I have time, I also try to exercise and hang out with my friends. Things that I also consider important.