Danielkvist, Front-End Developer


As a self-taught developer most of my education is based on Moocs, online courses, books and tutorials.


I have successfully completed MOOCs such as CS50’s - Introduction to Computer Science and CS50’s - Web Programming with Python and JavaScript and audited others like W3Cx - Introduction to Web Accessibility or CS50’s - Mobile App Development with React Native. Mentioning only the most recents.


I have taken courses on platforms such as freeCodeCamp, Pluralsight, Frontend Master or Udemy about subjects like modern JavaScript, React, Golang, TDD, gRPC, Microservices, PostgreSQL, API design and Docker.

Books and Tutorials

I like to read, and I also find tutorials a good way to become familiar with new technologies or simply to review the familiar ones. So the amount of these two resources that I have used to increase my education reaches the absurd. Although I will mention some books like A Philosophy of Software Design by John K. Ousterhout, The Go Programming Language, Writing An Interpreter In Go and Writing A Compiler In Go by Thorsten Ball and finally, the You Don’t Know JavaScript books series.