Here is a list with my most recent projects. You can find the rest of them in my GitHub account.

Botio - CLI for different bots platforms

Botio is a simple and opinionated CLI to create and manage easily bots for different platforms. It allows the user to create easily a server with a REST API to manage a list of commands that then, clients such as a Telegram bot can use to reply to users of that bot.

At the moment it supports Telegram and Discord. But I’m working on adding support for Slack and Facebook Messenger among other platforms like Skype.

You can find more about Botio here.

Beagle - CLI for search for usernames across the Internet

Beagle is a CLI to search across the Internet for an username. It’s very easy to use and modify since you can change a .csv file to manage what sites you want to add or remove from the search.

You can find more about Beagle here.

Booklay - gRPC server to manage books

Booklay is a simple gRPC server to manage easily a collection of books. I started working on it as a personal solution to keep track of the books I wanted to read or I already read.

It stills have a long way to go and maybe in the future it will do more than just store books (maybe I’ll add support for movies, series and music).

You can find more about Booklay here.

Terrassa - Clear and simple Hugo theme

Terrassa is a theme for Hugo simple, light and with a great focus on accessibility. Although it may seem abandoned, I’m still working on it and it works perfectly.

You can find more about Terrassa here.