My latest projects and works.

My latest project is dkvist. A simple bot for Telegram written in Go that is still unfinished. At the moment, it doesn’t do much more than give you professional information about me.

Other smaller projects that are also written in Go are: Fitchner, a module to facilitate the extraction and filtration of information from web pages and Kelsier, a simple CLI that, using Fitchner, allows you to quickly find dead links on web pages.

In Front-End I have two themes for Hugo. The last of them is Piercer, a simple, light and very customizable theme that still has a couple of details to smooth out. Terrassa, on the other hand, is also a light and fast theme although not as customizable as Piercer, but unlike Piercer, it has a greater focus on accessibility. Both, of course, have a great SEO from base and follow good practices.

Though I don’t spend so much time on it lately, I normally use my Codepen profile as a playground rather than an extension of my resume. You might want to take a look at it to see what else I’m capable of.